Catch the Fish & The Data!

Electronic Monitoring Solution For All Vessel Types!

The FlyWire EM camera system is modular, economical, easy to install, and provides high quality HD video, GPS and sensor data sets for stakeholders. Customize a FlyWire EM camera system to fit an Electronic Monitoring Program for any fishery.

Modular EMS platform fits all vessel types
Install on vessels in under 4 hours
• Easy for operators to service hardware at sea
• Multiple power supply options available
• Multiple levels of security for video & location data


Ideal for:

  • Vessels up to 8 m
  • Day trips
  • Limited or no on board power
  • Remote fishing locations


Ideal for:

  • Vessels 8 to 20 m
  • Multiple day trips
  • On board power
  • Inshore fishing locations