Capture the game from the perspectives that matter most

The world’s smallest, most flexible, high-definition, wearable line-of-site cameras for Sports Capture

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Coaching/Training Kit


Replace the camera on the tripod, replace the cameraman, and put a stop to frustrated players. The FlyWire Coach’s Kit gives you everything you need to stop talking to your players and immediately start showing them!

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Golf Kit


Trying to track down the cause of that shank? Want to show off your new putting stroke? The FlyWire Golf Kit makes it easy to seamlessly record every moment of your game while you play it.

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Football Camera Kit


See the action like never before; with our Complete Football Camera Kit! Quickly mount it directly into many of the makes, models and sizes of football helmets you already own and use.

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Tennis Kit


The FlyWire Tennis Kit gives you a choice of mounting options to match line of sight video capture to your style of play. Light weight FlyWire cameras let you capture every volley without throwing you off your game.

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Runner’s Kit


Let family and friends experience your race day with the FlyWire Runner’s Kit. Multiple mounting options gives you a choice in comfort and ultra-light wearable weight keeps fatigue to a minimum.

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Cycling Kit


Offroad, onroad, or just a casual cruise, FlyWire has you covered with our Complete Cycling Kit. Quick, non-permanent installation on helmets of all shapes, textures, and styles!

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Rifle Mount Kit


On the hunt or on the range the FlyWire Rifle Mount Kit makes it easy to set your sights on whats down your sight. Includes quick change picatinny rail mount, magnetic cable clips, and hook and loop DVR mount.

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Motorsport Kit


The FlyWire Complete Motorsport Kit gives you everything you need to capture every aspect of the race, ride, or cruise. Multiple mounting options give complete flexibility and total creativity.

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Advantages for Sports

  • The only TrueView POV camera system that lets coaches and athletes capture every critical angle

  • Crystal clear high-definition video wide angle lens and reduced fish-eye

  • Rechargeable batteries and removable SD card

  • Rugged and impact resistant up to 6 ft

  • Easy to clean in between althletes

  • Excellent results in indoor/outdoor lighting for that extreme sport enthusiast

  • Easy and convenient to use with single button operation

New Perspectives in Sports

FlyWire camera technology enhances practice both on and off the field for athletes and coaches.

  • Capture an athlete's technique and review the footage together with the best sports camera available
  • Modular platform can be used by multiple Sports, such as football, tennis, baseball, golf and more

  • Headcam mounts to helmets, pitcher’s hats, catcher's face masks, or athletic headbands to capture each athlete's perspective

  • Replace components individually and easily swap between athletes or sports for maximum versatility

When it comes to flexibility, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, there is only one choice: FlyWire! 

“Using FlyWire let our coaching staff evaluate and train players while showing them first hand where there were issues with technique.”