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Kits Created for You

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✓ Rechargeable batteries and removable SD card allow quick turn around time and easy data transfer/storage
✓ Rugged and impact resistant up to 6 ft
✓ Easy and convenient to use with single button operation
✓ Playback is as easy as getting pictures off your digital camera via USB or SD card reader
✓ Use iMovie or Windows Media as well as Open Source and Paid Options to edit video 
✓  Share your line-of-sight video through standard sharing methods!

Complete FlyWire kits include everything you need to get started shooting line-of-sight video right out of the box. 

Kits Include:

  • FlyWire Camera Module (22" or 48" long cable)
  • FlyWire DVR unit
  • Standard Microphone
  • DVR Mounting Clip Set
  • FlyWire Starter Kit
  • Specialty FlyWire Mounts (Designed per application)

Tech Specs:

  • 1080p 5MP Video Camera
  • 30fps Frame Rate
  • 145 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • External Microphone
  • Requires 3x Rechargeable Batteries (Up to 4hrs run time)
  • Requires Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card
Wearable Training Cameras


Enhance training procedures, capture quality control, and document employee performance with FlyWire technology. Crystal clear high-definition video solution for training using a POV camera. Mix and match individual components, such as the desk cam kit, to create a customized solution quickly and easily. Learn More. . . 

Medical Cameras


Explore new approaches to creating electronic records of medical procedures and patient care with FlyWire cameras. Extraordinary loupe camera easily installs onto most models of surgical and dental headlamps or loupes. FlyWire surgery cameras are a simple hands-free solution for medical professionals. Learn More. . .  

Action Camera


Capture an athlete’s technique and review the footage with the best sports camera available. Headcam mounts to football and baseball helmets, pitcher’s hats, catcher’s face masks, or athletic headbands to capture each athlete’s perspective. Exceptional technology allows for flexibility as an extreme sports cameraLearn More. . . 

Public Safety Spy Camera


The only POV camera system which allows security professionals to capture every critical angle using body worn video. Modular design supports multiple configurations of security cameras such as body cameras, and dashboard cameras. Line-of-sight body cams mount to virtually any location. Learn More . . .

Wearable HD Camera


Capture and share your story with the FlyWire camera system. Wearable video camera and accessories capture each moment as you see it while you explore your world. Looking for a discreet wearable spy camera? Customized FlyWire POV cameras are small enough to go virtually unnoticed. Learn More. . .


Create your own Kit

For the makers and creators - get the shots, angles, and views that can only be captured with FlyWire Line of Sight Cameras. 

✓ Mix and match individual components to create a customized solution quickly and easily
✓ Integrate FlyWire systems into any project, in limitless configurations, to capture any angle
✓ Easily removable camera can be interchanged quickly using the proper FlyWire mounting kits
✓ Multiple battery, camera module, and accessory options to meet every need!



Cameras modules, DVR assemblies, and microphone choices.  All the building blocks of a video system are here.



Stick it anywhere, wear it anywhere, and capture every angle.  FlyWire offers a variety of mounting options to meet any need.


Get ready to start recording with simple accessory bundles: batteries, chargers, monitors, external power, and more.

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