Show Us Your World!

Our wearable, line-of-sight video camera fit your life's balance between work and play. FlyWire captures the points-of-view and environments around you in HD video. Go ahead, re-live the experience!

smallest camera

The world's smallest, most flexible, high-definition,
wearable line-of-site camera.


Modular Video Platforms

✓  Training
✓  Healthcare
✓  Security
✓  Sports
✓  Personal

Fits Easily into Your Daily Activities

✓  High-Definition Video Camera, 1080p30p
✓  Wide angle lens with reduced fish-eye
✓  Place line-of-sight cameras virtually anywhere
✓  Create true point-of-view videos
✓  Manage your data with industry standard output


A Complete Wearable Camera Platform Solution

Pick a FlyWire camera to capture that perfect action video! Our modular HD video platform adjusts to your activity, your routine, and your job. Take a step towards living your life and filming it too!

# How Do You FlyWire ?

Can You Show Me Now? - transform your training with POV cameras!

Use our FlyWire HD wearable camera to capture a job well done-share POV video with your team! This hands-free, line-of-sight video camera lets you film while focus on the task at hand. Accomplish more with your video camera, improve quality and shorten lead times.



• Education
• Healthcare
• Technician
• Trainer
• Management
• Public Speaking
• Marketing/AV
• Customer Service


• Training Kit
• Technician's Kit
• Lapel Mount Kit
• Desk Kit
• Nursing Kit
• Surgical Kit
• Surgical Loupe Kit
• Glasses Kit


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From Surgery to Patient Recovery - capture new perspective in healthcare!

Use our FlyWire loupe camera to capture and replay POV video of every procedure, process, and demonstration from your exact perspective. Our HD wearable camera for healthcare and medicine is hands-free, lightweight, includes zoom capabilities and fits on your exisitng loupes. 

Live Your Life and Film it too - enjoy and capture all your memories!

FlyWire HD video cameras capture what you see! Enjoy activities while you film hands-free using our true POV cameras. Lightweight wearable camera attaches to clothing, glasses & more. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your POV video memories are priceless!


FlyWire Camera

• Our Glasses
• Your Glasses
• Your Hat       
• Our Headband
• Automotive Dash • Drone Kit


• Everyday Moment
• Precious Moment
• Vacations
• Adventures
• Carpool LipSyncs
• Aerial Shots


Capture critical evidence and train to a T with POV!

Use our Flywire body camera to film pov video-what you see, as you see it, and the world around you. Our HD video camera attaches to uniforms, glasses, dashboards & more. Replay and evaluate every job, operation, or interaction exactly as you saw it with our wearable camera. 

Be the Action and Capture Your Moves - POV sports like never before!

Capture your unique view as you practice and play the game with our FlyWire HD action camera. Our wearable, sport camera lets you share your skills and pov video. Helmet camera and autosports mounts include non-permanent installation on almost any type of gear! 


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• Coaching  
• Cycling
• Football
• Golfing
• Motorsports
• Running
• Hunting
• Tennis
• Baseball
• Skiing
• Snowboarding


• Coaching Kit
• Training Kit
• Cycling Kit
• Football Kit
• Golf Kit
• Motorcycle Kit
• Runner's Kit
• Tennis Kit
• Rifle Kit
• Dashboard Kit
• Goggles Kit


Capture what everyone sees as you explore your world!

FlyWire cameras are customized to worn by your pet--see what they see as you run, play and explore your world together. Great for use in training and documenting the work of K-9 security, search and rescue both in the classroom and out in the field. Take the next step towards living your life and filming it too.