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The world’s smallestmost flexiblehigh-definitionwearable line-of-site cameras for Healthcare

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Headlamp Camera Kit


Complete FlyWire Headlamp Camera Kit installs directly onto most models of surgical and dental headlamp using our universal, adjustable mounts. Simply attach to your favorite headlamp for an easy to use, light-weight and hands-free video solution.

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Loupe Camera Kit


Complete FlyWire Loupe Camera Kit is compatible with many models of surgical loupes and dental Loupes. For a closer view, zooming options are available and are customized to your lens type and focal length.

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Nursing Camera Kit


Complete FlyWire Nursing Camera Kit allows students and trainees to improve their skills, Supervisors to document responses to patient needs, or capture and analyze the most authentic Patient experience possible.

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     Advantages for Healthcare

  • TrueView POV camera system allows wearer to capture critical perspectives

  • Crystal clear high-definition video, wide angle lens and reduced fish-eye

  • Optional external batteries provide up to 20 hours of continuous use

  • Removable micro SD card allow quick turn around and easy data transfer/storage

  • Single button operation for easy use

  • Low-cost maintenance and replaceable components

  • Easy to sanitize in between cases

  • Rugged and impact resistant up to 6 ft with optional safety cases

New Perspectives in Healthcare

Explore new approaches to training and electronic documentation of patient care by incorporating FlyWire cameras.

  • Simple solution for staff to capture and utilize important video footage

  • Enhance patient electronic medical records by quickly documenting critical information

  • Compatible with many headlamps, dental loupes, surgical loupes, and other magnification devices

  • Augment written instructions to help patients transition to self-care at home

When it comes to flexibility, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, there is only one choice: FlyWire!

FlyWire solutions allow us to reduce risk, increase compliance and improve our overall documentation workflow.