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The world’s smallest, most flexible, high-definition, wearable line-of-site cameras for Personal Use

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Glasses Worn Kit


The definitive FlyWire experience! Our Complete Glasses Worn FlyWire Kit gives you the flexibility to put the camera virtually anywhere thanks to its longer 48” cable.

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Hat Worn Kit


FlyWire’s Complete Hat Worn Kit: a simple, unobtrusive recording solution. Attach a FlyWire camera to the bill of most ball cap style hats and visors.

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Headband Worn Kit


Want to capture Line of Sight video but don't plan on wearing glasses? Our Complete Headband Worn FlyWire Kit has you covered. Use our light weight, headband to shoot the video you need with the flexibility you want!

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Lapel Worn Kit


Want to catch the scene without being seen? Our Complete FlyWire Lapel Mount Kit is the answer you are looking for. Fully adjustable ball joint mount means FlyWire gets your exact view no matter how or where you clip it on!

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Dash Cam Kit


Let FlyWire keep an eye on the road so you can focus on the drive with the FlyWire Dash Cam Kit. Multiple mounting options mean no blind spot can stay unseen.

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Drone Kit


FlyWire drone kit is lighter than competing systems for use with quadcopters and fixed wing UAVs of all sizes and shapes. Better viewing angles and weight distribution with modular design.

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Advantages for Personal Use

  • The only TrueView POV camera system that lets you capture each unique angle

  • Crystal clear high-definition video, wide angle lens and reduced fish-eye

  • Rechargeable batteries and removable SD card

  • Excellent results in indoor/outdoor lighting

  • Easy and convenient to use with single button operation

New Perspectives for Personal Use

Capture each adventure and share your story with the world using the FlyWire camera system. We love how you FlyWire!

  • Use FlyWire body cameras and accessories to capture each moment as you explore your world
  • Customized systems integrate easily into virtually any activity

  • Unique mounting options available for pets, such as dogs and horses

When it comes to flexibility, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, there is only one choice: FlyWire! 

“I no longer need my point and shoot camera—now I simply capture every second with my FlyWire.”